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Workspace Wellbeing & Business Coaching

Set up a workplace wellbeing programme

Service Description

Toussaint's Coaching can help you to set up a WORKPLACE WELLBEING PROGRAMME & Provide 1-1 and Group Coaching Sessions within your Business The wellbeing of employees is what makes or breaks a businesses long term success. Today, the mental health and wellbeing of employees is so important to many businesses. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED IMPLEMENTING A WORKPLACE WELLBEING PROGRAMME? A Wellbeing programme involves investing time and resources in supporting your employees’ physical and mental health. Programmes can start with one or two small steps that can lead to bigger changes that will affect your company culture in a positive way. The Benefits of a Programme Reduced Sick Leave Reduced costs Improvements in service Positive impact on Turnover Higher staff retention Improved employer reputation Enhance an even better place to work Increased Team Morale Increased motivation and productivity THE STEPS TO IMPLEMENTING A PROGRAMME INCLUDE Think about why you want to implement the programme Carry out a Risk Assessment Create a Plan Implement the Programme

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