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When I started working with Pauline I was very anxious and felt like I didn’t know where my life was going, over a number of sessions I could feel myself changing, where I became a new person, the anxiety had reduced enormously and I was owning who I was as a person, when our sessions came to an end, I knew who I was, I had direction and found myself to the point of having an increased self-esteem.  My work with Pauline has been very valuable and I will use the tools I learnt from our sessions to help me to maintain the new me.


Before starting work with Pauline my relationships were in a very bad place, I was angry and taking it out on the people around me.  Pauline helped me to go within myself and do the work needed to heal the past experiences that had manifested as anger. Over time my relationships have taken a new direction and I am grateful for work I did with Pauline because life is so much better for it.


I gained a lot from the sessions I had with Pauline.  As a result I have enhanced my understanding of myself and upbringing and why I behave a certain way and developed strategies and an effective tool kit to enable me to overcome some of the challenges that I face.

I found Pauline’s approach to be very insightful and far reaching to tackle deep seated issues quickly and effectively. She helped me tackle some things that arose from my childhood and has identified ways of positively re-parenting the hurt child within that sometimes resurfaces. She has helped me identify positive ways of speaking to myself to help reasure and energise me to get the best of myself.  

I found Pauline to be very knowledgeable, understanding and personable.  She is organised and always gave me useful reminders of our upcoming sessions.  I highly recommend Pauline as a Practitioner as I believe her work changes lives for the better.  


Pauline was a volunteer counsellor at No5 Young People between July 2017 and April 2019.

  • During this time she saw many clients with a broad range of presenting issues.

  • Pauline was considered a ‘solid’ counsellor and as such No5 often felt that clients would be safe in her hands.

  • She was reliable and always dedicated to her client work.

  • She was always professional in her manner during her time at No5.

  • Pauline fitted in very well to the team at No5 and was well liked.

We would definitely welcome her back if she ever decided to work for No5 in the future.

No. 5 Young People Counselling Service

My name is s Jarred King I’m a 24 year old entrepreneur and MD of My Tshirt supported by the Princes Trust. I decided to attend Life coaching as I wanted to unlock my full potential, and learn new techniques to overcome my limiting beliefs. 

With thousands of Life coaches offering their services I was quite overwhelmed and didn’t know who to choose. I contacted three Life Coaches (Pauline being one of them) in order to seek advice on how it all worked.

Pauline came back to me very quickly and explained how the process works and asked what I wanted to achieve. Unlike the others I could feel she had a genuine interest and was passionate about helping me.

Within our sessions Pauline helped me identify barriers I had created that where holding me back, and helped me practice techniques to eliminate them. We also worked on my personal life which helped me to rebuild a broken relationship with my mother.

Business is now doing very well and I will continue to use the techniques though out life. Pauline is not only a fantastic Life Coach but a kind hearted person who cares.

Jarred King (My Tshirt

When I first approached Pauline for Life Coaching I felt like I had pretty much come to a dead end with everything- career, relationship, personal life…and wasn’t in a place where I could unpick the details and work out solutions without support. Pauline was enthusiastic and empowering from the start. Using various ‘tools’ she supported me in identifying the areas of my life with which I was happy and those that I needed to focus on and make changes in.


By encouraging me to set myself goals and tasks each week Pauline gave me the confidence to reassess my situation, identify what it was I wanted or needed to do, and find the courage to make the changes I needed to make. The most impressive thing about life coaching with Pauline was that she never told you what to do but gave you the power and skills to work it out for yourself which is a very powerful thing. You can’t change your life overnight but with life coaching with Pauline I was able to, over time, make the changes I needed to make and am a much happier person for it.


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