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The wellbeing of employees is what makes or breaks a businesses long term success.  Today, every UK business has a duty of care requirement to look after the health and safety of their employees including their wellbeing and this means promoting and protecting employee wellbeing in the workplace is important to every business.

What is a Wellbeing Programme ?

A Wellbeing programme involves investing time and resources in supporting your employees’ physical and mental health.  You start by assessing the needs of your employees and then introduce various health plans and benefits that gives your employees the opportunity to maintain or improve their health whilst at work and this will have a positive impact on their lives inside and outside of work.

Programmes can start with one or two small steps that can lead to bigger changes that will affect your company culture in a positive way and your employees will feel more valued by the company and this will impact their work.

The Benefits of a Programme

  • Reduced Sick Leave

  • Reduced costs

  • Improvements in service

  • Better interaction and consistency with clients

  • Positive impact on Turnover

  • Higher staff retention

  • Improved employer reputation

  • Enhance an even better place to work

  • Increased Team Morale

  • Employees will feel valued and supported

  • Increased motivation and productivity


How to Create a Wellbeing Programme

  1. Think about why you want to implement the programme


       -What environment do you want to create within your business

       -What impact do you want to have on your employees

       -What is the long term purpose

  2.  Carry out a Risk Assessment

       -Identify the risk factors

       - Talk to employees

       - Carry out surveys

       - Check company records - sick, staff turnover, exit interviews

       - Run workshops

       - Carry out a needs assessment

 3.   Create a Plan of Action

       -Buy in the Management Team

       -When will it start

       -How long will the programme run - is it a certain amount of weeks or is it   permanent

       -How will the effectiveness of the programme be monitored

       -What resources are required

       -How will you promote the programme

4.   Implement the Programme - This could include:

       - Advice on Healthy Eating

       - Exercise Programmes

       - Stress Risk Assessment

       - Health Checks

       - Advice on the effects of smoking, build no smoking groups

       - Run regular workshops - meditation, coaching, counselling, nutritionist


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